Fuel monitoring

Real time monitoring of fuel consumption by CAN-FMS.

Fuel consumption is one of the more difficult cost items to control and shortfalls are a familiar reality.

With Tracker you can keep control over correct refueling, at specified quantity, time and place.

Any sudden or unexpected decrease generates an alarm that you can also get on your smartphone. 

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System integration

Integration with enterprise information systems through REST (Representational State Transfer) API (Application Program Interface) protocol with XML or JSON. The communication protocol can be extended for particular business needs.

REST (Representational State Transfer)

Event notification



Get notified quickly and intuitively about anomalous events in your fleet.


Choose if you want to receive notifications via sms or e-mail. Set flexible times, places and thresholds on the web interface. You will receive alerts in real time on your email or on your smartphone, with reports indicating all the events. Check the history of an event, with details on the position and all vehicle data.




ITheEco-Drive system makes drivers aware of their own driving style, helping them to maintain a smooth conduct, with fair and immediate savings of fuel.

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Temperature monitoring

Temperature sensors

Constant management of trailer temperature, with SMS or email alert when problems occur.

Tracker monitors in real time the temperature of your refrigerated vehicles to ensure the quality of products and the maintenance of the cold chain.

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Tracker interface allows direct connection to the tachograph and receives DRIVE, REST, WORK, and ENGAGE parameters in real-time.

If law thresholds are exceeded, the system can send an alert to the headquarter, to the benefit of the drivers safety and to prevent unwanted sanctions.

The system immediately detects the insertion of a card-driver, verifies the identification and the name and sends it to the Tracker server.

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The satellite terminals Tracker are extremely versatile and it is possible to link them to the CAN-FMS line. This type of connection works with any vehicle. It allows to receive several parameters in real-time, such as throttle pressure,engine temperature and speed, braking, torque, fuel level.

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Working hours

Maintenance scheduling

Reports on working hours and on the use of the machines allow you to plan and optimize maintenance operations and ensure the safety of your field workers.

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